Happy Hour

” No. I mean. I don’t know what you think , I don’t know how you feel but i despair, i really don’t understand, it’s beyond me, it’s all so confusing. I mean, do you remember the last time? Well forget it. This whole episode is a shoddy display of something wrong turned inside out and we all know who we want to blame. I mean can we really stomach any more of this? Are we really expected to believe this is going to stop here? I mean I’m not one to complain but ask the man in the street, she’ll tell you, he’s got his back up against the wall, she’s got her back up against the mattress and if you can’t ride two horses at once then you shouldn’t be in the circus and if you can’t beat em join em, and if you can’t join em you should beat the shit out of em cos I’ve seen the future and it works, I mean if it ain’t broke don’t fix it cos you can learn a lot can’t you- just by watching and you can hear a lot just by listening and I’ve been listening , I’ve been listening- those chattering classes spreading charm and despondency- if you can’t see it then it doesn’t exist,…. and if you don’t like the answers then you shouldn’t ask the questions, and if you can keep your head while all around you are losing theirs then maybe you don’t understand the situation … cos even a paranoid has enemies and if you lie down with the dogs then you’re going to get up with the fleas and you never know how deep a puddle is until you step in it-….no, I mean, I think you have to be very careful before you point the finger, before you jump to conclusions, before you climb on the bandwagon -because I think we’re all getting a little bit hysterical. I mean, there’s no real search for the truth, its just a desperate grab for the fastest headline filled with sentiment and opinion, it’s just a tangled web of deceit involving those who should know better and there’s only so much we can take isn’t there- before we all just give up, turn over, pull the plug, switch off – because we’ve had enough haven’t we? – we’ve had enough of doom and gloom stories,we’ve had enough of sink stories, of slump stories, we’ve had enough of tragic tiny tots stories ‘, we’ve had enough of come back mum we miss you’ stories, we’ve had enough of bodies in the basement stories, we;ve had enough of broken glass in the baby food stories , we want something else don’t we ? …….. ”

excerpt from Happy Hour. 1998.

text and movement- Wendy Houstoun with additional text and direction – Tim Etchells.