It is possible I am beginning to invent memories.

I mean I remember walking down that small road full of concrete and sun on the way to the big room full of windows and tables. There was this atmosphere. You had to be propelled. You weren’t standing on the earth, you were hanging off it. Like you were stuck from your feet. I mean people get shorter as they get older don’t they?  They lose material.

There was this programme -I don’t really remember it- but it was about the weather. Global Warming.There was a diagram- a basin being sucked from below ,I wasn’t really listening- I was looking, but it was about the iron core. It sucked into its centre. It was still….and free.

And the days will get longer. Or shorter. Or maybe that was us.  I mean at the end of the day you are 3 inches shorter. Aren’t you?

Anyway, it was sort of about the desire to stand up. Well ,I mean push in one direction. Sort of survival. Sort of like fighting. I mean you’d die if you didn’t fight it.Up and away from the middle. In fact we might be upside down and it’s an out out thing. An effort, an effort to get up. That is why you sleep lying down.

It’s why you need heavy boots on the moon.

We are all hanging off the earth, upside down. We’re always upside down. We jump and when we jump the air pushes us down again.

Or at least that is one memory.