If you came here looking for narrative arcs and sweet talk this is NOT the place for you. If you came here thinking there was going to be shape and substance ditto. This is no place for the Up at Heel or the Quick Quick – Get to the Point brigade. There is no point coming in here waiting for it all to fall into place. It’s not going to happen.

This is NOT for the pen pushers, the budget fixers, the finance fishers, the debt collectors, the strap line twitchers, the champagne at lemonade prices brigade, the talk to me now don’t bother me tomorrow merchants, the here today gone today touts, the many and the few ( neither one is you ) botherers, the string them up wash them dry mob, the what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine gaggle. And this is  Not for the clicks either.  Not for the likes.  Not for the chance. Not even for the hint of a chance.

This has got nothing to do with the future ( what future?).

This is in no way autobiographical. And in no way fictional. This is NOT for the hungry or the faint arted. This is not ABOUT something. Or FOR something. Or SPEAKING TO something. Or RAISING THE ISSUE of. This is not talking AS a something or AS a somebody or  AS a nobody or AS anybody at all.

This is NOT a love song OR a swan song.

This is NOT a representation of , an illustration of. A pastiche of. A homage to. A thought for. A eulogy. A trilogy.

This is NOT the truth and it is NOT trying to tell power anything. It is NOT interested in power. Or the truth. Or the telling and this is NOT even half way close to getting any of the words in the right order for the correct purpose. NOT even a quarter of the way close. Hasn’t even begun yet. Hasn’t even scratched the surface.

One last thing.

This is NOT , categorically, about categories . And this is emphatically NOT about emphasis.

Hope that has cleared that up.