Hard to say when it started – the pressure to know. The sound of knowing started to build and splinter into smaller and ever shrinking categories of noise. To someone who has based a life on not knowing the categories come over like a bully in a china shop. Bruisers with bruises nursing their bruises.  Some instinct says Stay In The Fog- Keep Faith with the Mist- Don’t Succumb to the quick fix of badges and titles. Stay put. Hold infirm. To break the silence would ruin it so over here on Bystander Hill where it is possible to see the efforts of the unknown resonating through Reputation Valley .The air is thick with possibility, of maybe martyrs and could be crimes. It is all the mess of blurred edges and untrustworthy slippage that accompanies the old/new style processions of the Half and Half, the Don’t Ask Me I Only Live Here and all the rest of the Untitled . No Caption to the photo. No Signature to the Name. No permanent address. No Next of Kind. Don’t Know and Proud Not To Know. Don’t Force the Knowledge. Stop With Your Titles. Kill the Categories. Quit with the Questions. The certainties walking around with history piled high and scores to settle take up a lot of the rooms.                      It’s all negative charisma here. We are hiding in front of things.                                      Watch us appear once the lights have gone out.